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Farmoid is a farmer-centric FaaS platform that provides innovative technologies and agronomic knowledge to avoid the guess work from the farm field

Mission we are working on

Empowering farmers with advanced technologies, precision farming tools and actionable insights to optimize their operations, maximize yields and promote sustainable agriculture practices

Sustainable Farming

Precision Farming

Data Driven


Farmers-centric FaaS

Comprehensive Solution

Farmoid provides a comprehensive suit of precision farming solutions that address different facets of agriculture, giving farmers a one-stop shop for all of their precision farming requirements. This helps farmers save time and effort by not having to integrate several platforms or services.

Integration of advanced technologies

Farmoid's integration of advanced technologies provide farmers with powerful data-driven insights, real-time monitoring, and intelligent decision support that enhances the effectiveness and accuracy of farming techniques.

Powerful simplicity

Enter the future of farming

Customization and personalization

Farmoid understands that every farm and crop is unique, and therefore, its solutions are highly customizable. By considering factors such as crop type, growth stage, soil conditions, and climate, Farmoid tailors its recommendations and services to meet the specific needs of each farmer.

Expertise and Agronomic Support

Farmoid's team comprises agronomists and agricultural specialists who provide expert support and guidance to farmers.

Who are we?

Farmoid provides a one-stop solution for horticulture farmers through our sustainable farm operating system, which combines IoT, AI, and satellite technologies. Our system helps farmers schedule their irrigation and fertigation, provides crop-stage-specific actionable intelligence to educate them on modern practices for increasing the quality and quantity of their yield, and recommends the best market price trends to sell crops at the right price while reducing input costs.

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We're an agtech company with a clear mission: to revolutionize farming by using AI and IOT technology.



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